"Exploration" necklace in Tiger's eye - Moonstone Pendant
"Exploration" necklace in Tiger's eye - Moonstone Pendant
"Exploration" necklace in Tiger's eye - Moonstone Pendant

"Exploration" Tiger's eye necklace

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A Tiger's Eye Exploration Necklace to Find Your Way!

The "Exploration" Tiger's Eye Necklace offers a true combination of TIGER'S EYE BENEFITS. The beneficial powers of Tiger's Eye Stone can help protect us from headaches and eye troubles. It also allows optical restoration for poor night vision. With its adjustable COLLAR LENGTH, it is ideal for shy people and people who want to avoid negative emotions such as fear and apathy. The "Exploration" Tiger's Eye Necklace is made of DIAMETER PEARLS that are natural, simulated or artificial, in different aspects of your personality. When you wear a Tiger's Eye Necklace, it can help you take important decisions during the first times of spiritual development and the first time of personal change. When worn against the skin, the purifying virtues of pearls can bring greater mental focus and a methodical spirit to those who need help in overcoming their difficulties. Additionally, Tiger's Eye is strongly connected to spiritual enrichment and ultimate happiness through energetic properties like that emitted by the sun's rays that allow individuals to have a more intimate relationship with their spiritual ego - facilitating professional and personal fulfillment and the cleansing of karma. Finally, it offers a protective layer during your night by building an invisible wall against any harmful influences resulting from problems of the digestive system indirectly linked to a doctrine of positive thinking.

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