Amethyst "Elevation" earrings - Moonstone Pendant
Amethyst "Elevation" earrings - Moonstone Pendant

"Elevation" Amethyst earrings

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Elevate Your Beauty with these Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst Elevation Earrings let you enjoy all the benefits this stone has to offer. It will provide you with deep meditation, and will have a big positive impact on your spiritual development. The right circuits will be put in place to bring serenity to your nervous systems and hormone production. You'll experience the peaceful feeling that comes from the newborn room. It's ideal for moments of crisis or simply inner calm and harmony, which can be very powerful and effective for your spiritual evolution. Its energetic power also allows it to interact with the digestive system and improve the quality of sleep, so that it interacts more effectively with our vital organs and enables greater clarity of mind to enable absolute connections with Amethyst to increase blood production, stimulate the endocrine glands and oxygenate the body for optimum performance from infancy onwards. Sit down now with your Amethyst Elevation Earrings, they'll fill the 3rd eye and shake up the brain, as rejuvenation will awaken your state of mind to its original or "primordial state"; crown chakra linked to the thymus will regulate your PHYSICAL AND energy AND you'll be invigorated!


✹ ✔ SIZE: approx. 4 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Amethyst stone

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