Collier "Eiréné" en Turquoise
Necklace "Eiréné" in Turquoise - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Eiréné" in Turquoise - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Eiréné" in Turquoise - Moonstone Pendant

"Eiréné" Turquoise Necklace

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Eiréné Necklace in Turquoise Around your Neck Timeless Beauty

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the "Eiréné" necklace in turquoise. Its 45 cm length gives it a very relaxing bohemian look, while its radiant turquoise stone offers a feeling of synthesis and openness of the heart. The beneficial physical and energetic effects of turquoise can be felt on the nasal passages, the immune system and even in the healing of eye diseases and other physical alienations. The features of the collar encourage calm and peaceful demeanor, which in turn provides users with an overall sense of well-being. Not to mention the ample emotional benefits it brings such as the state of unconditional love within oneself and non-judgmental acceptance which totally nurtures a constructive positive and compassionate attitude towards fears and the outer world. Turquoise thus invokes antidepressant properties to provide wearers with a sense of acceptance of current circumstances while promoting greater mastery of clear thinking and personal energy field. The metal-free "Eirenée" necklace is therefore your devoted and trusted partner to strongly restore your intimate convictions thanks to its powerful therapeutic virtues; so, do not hesitate to wear it filled with gratitude to immediately open the doors of your astral soul to the highest spiritual level!

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