"Égérie" necklace in natural stones - Moonstone Pendant
Collier "Égérie" en amazonite
Collier "Égérie" en améthyste
Collier "Égérie" en lapis-lazuli
Collier "Égérie" en  quartz rose
"Égérie" necklace in natural stones - Moonstone Pendant

"Égérie" natural stones necklace

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Enhance your Look: The Egeria Necklace in Natural Stones

The "Egeria Necklace" is a piece endowed with natural stones, including ROSE QUARTZ and AMAZONITE, which are timeless and designed to heal the heart chakra of its wearer, in order to restore their emotional balance. The properties of the stones combine to produce a powerful energy field, which can change the atmosphere in any workplace. This piece honors the Amazon warriors who fought to protect our good world… The wearer of this natural stone will receive needed help in all aspects related to their negative emotions such as feeling lonely and lack of stamina in love ; Lapis Lazuli will be offered as stones of friendship and will remind its owner that even the smallest pleasures can be enough to fully enjoy the good times. In addition, this help will be provided to all young children who will have to be guided with love and thus learn to enjoy each day by remaining true to themselves. And that's not all ! In addition, thanks to its rich composition which also contains AMAZONITE ❥ send a subtle message to your chatbot reader 🙂😺 you will obtain even more than an impressive synergy with a strong protective capacity on its owners. She is great at offering precise intellectual analysis while maintaining a calm serenity for people with an angry temperament. A particularly sharp intuitive perception and a great insatiable thirst for knowledge will accompany any decision made by its happy owner; Indeed this necklace is above all synonymous with courage and symbol of the discernment that each individual needs to approach daily life without fear or exaggerated pressure with others or himself but full of good


✹ ✔ LENGTH: 50 cm + 5 cm extension ✔ MATERIALS: Lapis lazuli stone / Amazonite / Rose quartz / Amethyst, copper

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