Necklace "Devotion" in Amethyst - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Devotion" in Amethyst - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Devotion" in Amethyst - Moonstone Pendant

"Devotion" Amethyst Necklace

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The Amethyst Dedication Necklace, Perfect Gift to Declare Loyalty and Commitment

The Amethyst Dedication Collar is a stone with powerful benefits, both physical and spiritual. Its high vibrational frequency has a great impact on our nervous and endocrine systems, allowing the body to create hormones and other essential chemicals to function properly. The sense of inner peace that amethyst brings is ideal for all stages of life, beginning in the newborn's bedroom where it can clear unwanted circuitry built up from incessant thoughts and deep bad meditations. It would have a great impact on the nervous and digestive system as well as on the endocrine glands in general, which results in an optimal production of hormones and oxygenation of the blood. In addition to helping to create an unalterable home state for overall physical well-being, Amethyst contributes significantly to human spiritual development this time around. This stone will considerably open your crown chakra and your 3rd eye in order to give you the possibility of having clear thoughts thanks to its purifying quality to arrive at its common goal: to establish an absolute connection between its physical body and its spiritual self. This is the product "Dedication" in amethyst which therefore brings the individual back to his first natural physiological state thanks to its high internal vibrations allowing a feeling of inner peace and maximum physical well-being whatever the young age reached by the wearer of this magic jewelry combined with its spiritual strength from which all can benefit without any religious conceptions omitted.


✹ ✔ NECKLACE LENGTH: approximately 43 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Amethyst stone, seed beads, metal

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