Desire" earrings in Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant
Desire" earrings in Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant

Desire" Amazonite earrings

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Light up your style with Désir earrings in Amazonite

Desire" earrings in Amazonite are particularly sought-after by women in search of sparkle and mystery. They'll be delighted to wear this magnificent jewel and discover its energetic virtues. Amazonite is a stone with multiple properties. From the extracranial mineral, it is known to enhance inner dialogue, release negative emotions and regenerate cells. It acts on the heart chakra, which facilitates understanding of the world from the point of view of others, making your expression clear and accurate. The stone provides a sense of fulfillment and promotes self-esteem, vital for successfully combating aggressive behavior and stress. Good general and physical health is enhanced by its defensive energy, enabling you to use your intuition wisely. Finally, its powerful vibratory charge connects you to the truth of your soul, enabling you to better understand the reasons for your existence. In the end, its power can do much to restore a loving balance and perfect physical harmony - whether you're a mature character or a mature odd one - in the face of the practical pressures that affect our daily lives. Amazonite Desire Earrings offer women a unique blessing, creating harmony between their physical and psychic selves.


✹ ✔ SIZE: 3.5 - 4 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Amazonite stone

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