Boucles d'oreilles "Conception" en Jaspe rouge
"Design" earrings in red jasper - Moonstone Pendant

"Design" red jasper earrings

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Sublime Red Jasper Earrings - The Freshness of their Unique Design!

The "design" earrings in red jasper are a wonderful piece that combines decoration and benefits of red jasper. They can deliver a significant and steady dose of earth energy to your root chakra to help you accomplish your big projects that require grounding and focus. Red Jasper is well known for treating blood circulation disorders and heart failure and other serious problems. According to ancient belief, wearing a red jasper also sustains the physical and mental energy of the wearer while strengthening their emotional layer of your aura. Wear the “Conception” earrings in red jasper stones during all difficult times such as you are trying to overcome cases of mental or physical fatigue, so that their extrasensory abilities together with the masculine energy of the dragon's blood stone can assist you in a good anchoring during your cases which engage a resolution by greater capacities of reflection; or else during physical activities where the particular giving system has a definite chance. Earrings can accompany your feelings such as gratitude and joy in your personal achievement during times when you seek to stimulate your sexual organs.

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