Rock crystal ring | ecomboutique116
Rock crystal ring | ecomboutique116
Rock crystal ring | ecomboutique116

Crystal Engagement Rings

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Admire the Splendor of Rock Crystal Rings!

Our Rock Crystal Ring is a formidable amplifier of the benefits of rock crystal. By connecting us to deep energy sources, it enables us to access the spiritual world while remaining anchored in the physical world. With a ring size between 8 and 15 mm for the stone, corresponding to the Ring Size Guide, it connects directly to your energy plane to release blockages and open your heart and crown chakras. Benefit from its help when you wish to raise your level of consciousness to welcome more advanced cosmic information. The master stones inserted in our ring open up new conceptions, circulating spiritual energy in and around you that activates the immune system and helps alleviate every kind of physical suffering, whether mental or emotional. It then becomes a formidable energy flow capable of adapting to individual energy forms, balancing the hemispheres of the brain and thus balancing your whole body. In this way, the Rock Crystal Ring offers both an energetic and a physical therapeutic effect, making it a beautiful idea for a gift or for yourself, as it fits in perfectly with the aesthetic concepts of modern jewelry.

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