"Creativity" earrings in Labradorite - Moonstone Pendant
"Creativity" earrings in Labradorite - Moonstone Pendant

"Creativity" Labradorite earrings

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Sparkle in your Most Beautiful Creativity with our Labradorite Earrings!

The "Creativity" Labradorite Earrings are an incredible natural remedy for women suffering from PMS. This gemstone has unparalleled energetic properties and can bring inner stability and significant benefits to all who wear it. Labradorite is able to protect from the harmful influence of unnecessary egregores, at the same time it encourages the achievement of the most important goals. The Stone is also known for its ability to harmonize the breath, and it helps improve eyesight. It can provide soul protection and eliminate feelings of insecurity and stress. In addition, it allows a global vision of all the isolated elements that make up each difficult situation. Therefore, it represents a powerful product against abdominal cramps and it helps in the resolution of respiratory problems, in cases of respiratory problems or even in the reduction of blood pressure. Labradorite offers memories of the past and calms during these painful moments, helping to create new ideas - Functioning as an important energy support to bring lasting benefits to those affected in particular by the pre-naval syndrome - it provides enough help in project amplification currently, undertake and provides an allowable level of timeless bliss to ensure full stability.

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