Clairvoyance Labradorite Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Clairvoyance Labradorite Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Clairvoyance Labradorite Bracelet | ecomboutique116

"Clairvoyance" Labradorite Bracelet

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Treat yourself to a Labradorite Clairvoyance Bracelet: the Jewel that Helps You See What You Can't See!

The "Clairvoyance" Bracelet in Labradorite is a perfect piece for people looking for balance and harmony. Labradorite is a stone whose benefits are accessible to everyone, men and women around the world. It has healing properties useful for relieving premenstrual syndrome and its abdominal cramps. It also eliminates memories of the past that diminish its ability to have a holistic view of life. Labradorite protects against negative energies and absorbs their harmful effects when placed on the skin thanks to the natural cotton cord that this bracelet has. This inspirational piece of jewelry has several important elements so that you can enjoy the benefits of this distressing temporary. The pendant is engraved with a pentagram (IAMETER) which carries new ideas and initiates a spiritual journey while offering protection against the surrounding chaos. Labradorite stone in turquoise, blue and green colors calms and stabilizes the mental environment, which is essential during a difficult time when you do not know which way to go. Its energetic properties positively influence your inner stability by reducing your stress level and solving certain respiratory or visual apprehension problems. By wearing this bracelet adorned with a labradorite harmoniously combining all these important elements, you are sure to find an inner calm in order to perceive with more clarity your personal future path as well as the resolution of the delicate moments that you will perhaps cross during of your existence.

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