“Existence” Amazonite wrap bracelet | ecomboutique116
“Existence” Amazonite wrap bracelet | ecomboutique116
“Existence” Amazonite wrap bracelet | ecomboutique116

“Existence” Amazonite wrap bracelet

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Existence Wrap Bracelet in Amazonite - The Perfect Gift for Those Who Love to Feel Connected to Existence!

The Amazonite “Existence” wrap bracelet is a magnificent combination of Mineral Stone and World History. Handcrafted, its natural beads made from amazonite are an ultimate gift to give to someone who loves stones or is looking for self-improvement. Amazonite personalizes the symbol of Positive Energy and the Benefits of Amazonite. The stunning green-blue color (this varies depending on the exact point of view) regenerates cells to combat aggressive behavior and calm negative emotions such as fear and revolt into a feeling of serene wholeness; therefore, it helps to better discern oneself and offers more confidence and better esteem. It is religiously attached to the Heart Chakra to help you take possession of the reasons that explain your existence, find the right learning between your physical mind and your spiritual soul, and to obtain good general health. The Energetic properties of Amazonite come directly from the minerals but also use intuition to identify positive or negative characteristics for yourself or another person by encouraging inner dialogue in relation to the true state of SOUL, amazonite translates to Subtle shyness if continuing to say the real work. It also raises awareness of the 'defensive' mode. If we learn 'how to use our deep understanding of ourselves without intentionally manipulating others. This “Existence” Wrap Bracelet in Superb Amazonite measures 180 cm. Its particular size will continually offer dignity thanks to the intangible energetic properties that this mineral possesses, It could easily complement any clothing style.

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