“Contact” Amazonite wrap bracelet | ecomboutique116
“Contact” Amazonite wrap bracelet | ecomboutique116

“Contact” Amazonite wrap bracelet

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The Contact Wrap Bracelet in Amazonite: A Timeless Jewel to Complete Your Look

The Amazonite “Contact” wrap bracelet is an exceptional accessory created to offer its wearer a true upgrade of their spiritual energy. A stone rich in benefits, amazonite stimulates the regeneration of cells to regain health and good humor. You will find in this bracelet an ideal companion to erase aggressive feelings and negative emotions such as fear or stress. Thus, you will feel a feeling of fullness and better self-esteem. The Amazonite Stone aligns perfectly with the Heart Chakra and with humanity as a whole because it allows a more beautiful understanding of the world from a cosmic point of view. Once in contact with this stone, you will be filled with positive energy which disqualifies anxiety-provoking inner dialogues and replaces them with a rational perception of the reasons for your existence. With this stone, a fair balance between the mental and physical is achieved, thus contributing to maintaining good general health. The beneficial energetic properties both mentally and psychologically make it a spiritual elixir in its own right. The surprising characteristics of this stone are the advanced use of its intuition.

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