Bracelet "Positivité" en Bois de rose - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Positivité" en Bois de rose - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Positivité" en Bois de rose - Moonstone Pendant

Bracelet "Positivity" in Rosewood

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The Positivity Rosewood Bracelet: An Accessory That Will Bring You Joy and Optimism

The Rosewood "Positivity" Bracelet is designed to bring emotional and physical balance to its wearer. Clad in a natural wood colored with pink veins, it has unique antibacterial properties that can help relieve mild pain and respiratory infections. The length of the bracelet is adjustable, making it an optimal choice to fit the wrists of the wearer. The material, made exclusively from authentic wood, provides a certain serenity and inner peace thanks to the positive state of mind it inspires. The rose-colored wood, filled with multiple benefits, helps to strengthen the immune system and control fatigue. It also allows its wearer to soothe stress and daily depression while enjoying the relaxation effects that the bracelet provides. A golden stainless steel chain adds a luxurious touch to the product which is complemented by 8 black PEARL DIAMETER clasps whose molar characters provide a distinctive export. The "Positivity" Bracelet in Rosewood is the perfect combination of luxurious style and spiritual appeasement: improve your confidence thanks to the noble wood!

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