Bracelet "Positif" en Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Positif" en Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Positif" en Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant

Bracelet "Positive" in Amazonite

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The Positive Amazonite Bracelet That Brings You Peace and Balance

With the "Positive" Amazonite bracelet, you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that this precious mineral can offer. This 8mm beads DIA and 19cm Length is perfect for reconnecting your heart chakra. The Amazonite Stone promotes cell regeneration and allows control when aggressive behavior or negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety or anger are very present. This Stone brings feelings of fullness and better esteem, because it promotes inner dialogue and encourages you to discover the deep reasons for your own existence. With a right balance between mental, physical and emotional it allows a good general health as well as a high spiritual state. It also facilitates the use of Self-Confidence intrinsic capacities to understand the Positive Energy that surrounds us, in particular to become aware of the world from a spiritual point of view, and to use one's intuition. Often compared to a weapon whose defensive arrows aim to protect against undesirable influences via its green-blue color which attracts positive energies, it has the power to highlight what you really are, the true essence of your soul. Amazonite therefore watches over your well-being as well as your uncompromising happiness to lead a fully satisfied life!

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