Bracelet "Mèdes" en Hématite - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Mèdes" en Hématite - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet "Mèdes" en Hématite - Moonstone Pendant

Bracelet "Mèdes" in Hematite

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Adopt the Mèdes Bracelet in Hematite to Be Noble and Magnificent

The Hematite "Mèdes" Bracelet is an excellent option to multiply your vital energy and help you carry out your daily commitments. Indeed, Hematite is one of the stones with the most health benefits because it helps the body to better oxygenate the blood and thus helps to better fight against lower back pain and poor blood circulation. Generally worn during a period of great fatigue, an excellent aid for students during intense periods of revision and female shyness, it offers its viewer a great benefit, including that of better emotional stability thanks to the strengthening of its solid foundations. physically and spiritually. Our Hematite Medes Bracelet therefore represents a great foundation for regaining self-confidence! Offering physical and spiritual well-being, feeling of security, methodical spirit to succeed in one's material life, authentic conviction of the riches offered by our spiritual world, this Mèdes bracelet effectively allows people who wear it an additional grip græve ⃰ra intellectual capacities (m meaucrashes) and the dissipation of associated nervous tension. Our bracelet is therefore an excellent option to offer this indescribable feeling of letting go in the face of everyday life!

✹ ✔ LENGTH: 23.8 cm (women's size-adjustable) / 25.4 cm (men's size-adjustable) ✔ MATERIALS: Hematite stone, cord

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