Bracelet "Hestia" en Onyx
Bracelet "Hestia" en Onyx - Moonstone Pendant

Bracelet "Hestia" in Onyx

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Discover the Hestia Onyx Bracelet, A Jewel With Incomparable Charm!

The "Hestia" Bracelet in Onyx is a unique piece designed to help its wearers to face difficult times. Composed of black onyx stones that develop our extrasensory abilities, the bracelet helps eliminate bad energies and helps during the denial phase. The size of the stones is adapted to promote blood circulation and the nervous system. Onyx activates our attachment to the earth, that is, it restores the responsible attitude in traumatic moments such as hair loss and during difficult times it balances the karmic energies that attract our fears. and releases physical tensions from the solar plexus. In addition, it helps block persistent psychological attacks by hardening our immune system. Thanks to its inner calm, the "Hestia" Bracelet in Onyx helps us regain control and offers us additional protection against dark thoughts while emphasizing the root chakra and the development of the benefits of the Onyx Stone. Wear this bracelet during your daily activities to take advantage of the maximum aids it can offer you!

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