Bracelet "Hestia" en Améthyste
Bracelet "Hestia" en Améthyste - Moonstone Pendant

Bracelet "Hestia" in Amethyst

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Hestia bracelet in Amethyst: perfect to enhance your style!

The Hestia Amethyst bracelet is specially designed for spiritual upliftment. Benefiting from the riches of Amethyst, it helps to develop a sense of inner peace which allows for meditative depths and spiritual development. Good circuits produced help our nervous system, stimulate our production of hormones, oxygenate our blood and activate our endocrine glands for optimal mobilization. Wearing the Hestia amethyst bracelet has a big impact on all of us. It has been shown to have incredible benefits for anyone who starts wearing the stone from an early age. The room of newborns creates a rich vibrational atmosphere thanks to this mystical stone. In this way, it facilitates the absolute connection of the baby to his mother during the first months of his life. A variety of benefits are available to wearers of the Hestia Amethyst Bracelet: the crown chakra is activated to form direct proximity between the cosmos, a sense of clarity of mind is regained through the energetic purge it provides, and the digestive system is soothed indicative of a remarkable quality of sleep and therefore, an optimal aid towards self-healing and an exceptional state of origin on Pasadena much better than with the more static vision caused by 3° eye.

✹ ✔ LENGTH: 18 - 18.5 cm (elastic) ✔ MATERIALS: Amethyst stone, copper ✔ STONE SIZE: 8 mm

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