Landscape Jasper / Lava Stone Earrings - Moonstone Pendant
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Boucles d'oreilles en Pierre de lave

Landscape Jasper / Lava Stone Earrings

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Enhance your look with Landscape Jasper and Lava Stone Earrings!

Landscape Jasper / Lava Stone earrings are a beautiful way to help you enjoy life's simple pleasures. More than just a stone for reconstruction, our landscape jasper and lava stone earrings are your personal aid to making the most of energetic and creative benefits. Warrior women will be particularly happy, as Landscape Jasper and Lava Stone are minerals charged with a warrior feminine energy that will offer these rings much more than a fresh start. These better foundations will give a special place to all your projects, allowing you serene and joyful happiness thanks to the beneficial properties that this marriage between Landscape Jasper and Lava Stone can bring them. This exciting combination lends itself to optimal purification, and the tonus it will endow your body with is indispensable to your future activity. The combination with the past will animate our rings with a tractable will, so that no danger will challenge the positive sensations that will be attached to your projects implemented thanks to our pretty bracelets.


✹ ✔ LENGTH: approx. 4 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Lava stone / Landscape jasper, brass

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