"Boreal" necklace in Labradorite - Moonstone Pendant
"Boreal" necklace in Labradorite - Moonstone Pendant
"Boreal" necklace in Labradorite - Moonstone Pendant

"Boreal" Labradorite necklace

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Fantaisie Boréale Necklace in Labradorite: Shine with Elegance!

The "Boréale" necklace in Labradorite is a beneficial natural stone that can help you through the difficult times we all go through. It is recognized for its benefits for women with Premenstrual Syndrome, as it helps to eliminate the feeling of unease that accompanies them, by reducing abdominal cramps and the memory of past memories. When you wear this necklace, it promotes a holistic view and helps unite all the important elements to make it easier to achieve your goals. It helps you eliminate the feeling of insecurity associated with it and increases your ability to release all the negative energies accumulated during this difficult period. Labradorite calms your mind and allows great inner stability while reducing stress levels and blood pressure. It facilitates the resolution of respiratory problems and improves eyesight, thus helping when important decisions are to be made or when unique or innovative ideas must be found. It also has an action on the thymic action which attracts to it the elements isolated from other competing causes or useless egregores swinging around our personal space. Thanks to the benefits of our "Boréale" Necklace in Labradorite, your painful moments will be relieved and your intuitive potential will be amplified for thus innovative idea imaginatively to conceive.


✹ ✔ NECKLACE SIZE: approx. 73 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Labradorite stone

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