"Bee" necklace in natural stones - Moonstone Pendant
"Bee" necklace in natural stones - Moonstone Pendant
Collier "Abeille" en amazonite
Collier "Abeille" en quartz rose
Collier "Abeille" en lapis-lazuli
Collier "Abeille" en labradorite
Collier "Abeille" en agate noire

"Bee" natural stones necklace

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The Bee Necklace: Natural Stones and Pearls Combined for a Unique Look

The "Bee" necklace in natural stones is a magnificent piece of jewelery that enhances the style and elegance of all people. Crafted from hand-selected materials, this pure gem is comprised of BLACK AGATE and ROSE QUARTZ which forms a pointer to your solar plexus and connects you with the heart chakra. Labradorite - a beneficial stone that once served as an honor for Amazon warriors - in combination with these two stones, gives a feeling of inner peace and allows the person wearing the "Bee" necklace to be more tolerant and empathetic. This necklace is therefore perfect for children and older people if stones present in the environment need healing. Anyway, even at work or during a good time with friends, the wearer of the necklace will feel their inner richness grow; an indescribable sensation thanks to the energetic scaling of the wearer's chakras. It will bring a real intimate harmony as well as an invaluable sentimental licorice that will demonstrate to sincere people your real intention to constantly remind them of their presence. Moreover, we do not forget that the rare Amazonite is found in any bee necklace - which helps those sensitive or psychologically fragile to find courage and acceptance of others as well as difficult situations without returning to a destructive physical or mental state. try it for yourself and let the magic happen!


✹ ✔ LENGTH: approximately 45 cm ✔ MATERIALS: Pink Quartz stone / Black Agate / Lapis-lazuli / Amazonite / Labradorite ✔ STONE SIZE: 18 mm ✔ WEIGHT: 3.5 g

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