Azur Labradorite Lapis-lazuli earrings | ecomboutique116
Azur Labradorite Lapis-lazuli earrings | ecomboutique116

"Azur" Labradorite Lapis-lazuli earrings

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Enhance your Look with the Azur Earrings in Labradorite and Lapis-Lazuli

The magnificent "Azur" earrings in labradorite and lapis lazuli are a very elegant and vintage fashion jewel. They bring many positive benefits: they support their wearer quickly and energetically, sensing their needs. Empathetic and affective people will find great interest in wearing these beautiful earrings. Labradorite is a stone easily identified by its blue color which takes its name from the ancient Latin word "Labrador Peninsula", while lapis lazuli brings together rich furrows of telluric stones, but also has another more creative name. which comes to us from the Persian “lazward”. This rich combination provides the wearers with good fortune in interpersonal relationships; it allows a better understanding between friends or colleagues. In addition, it facilitates intellectual analysis and discernment, which has the effect of spreading positive vibes around you, which in particular promote good humor. It is the ideal alliance to offer or to be offered the stones of friendship! Between labradorite for its spiritual power and lapis-lazuli for its great thirst for knowledge, Azur the jewel in labradorite and lapis-lazuli offers its owners extraordinary characteristics with an inspiring name that sums up everything that this accessory represents!

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