Astral Labradorite Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Astral Labradorite Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Astral Labradorite Bracelet | ecomboutique116

"Astral" Labradorite Bracelet

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Intrigue with the Labradorite Astral Bracelet

The "Astral" bracelet in Labradorite is composed of a semi-precious stone with many benefits for everyone. Since the dawn of time, Labradorite has been known for its energetic properties and spiritual benefits linked to the improvement of global vision and introspection. In addition, it allows women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome effective help in difficult times. Associated with your bracelet, it will allow you to maintain an optimal level of inner stability as well as to reduce the level of stress and nervous tension generated by abdominal cramps or by memories of the painful past. Labradorite also helps eliminate the feeling of insecurity and helps to find innovative solutions thanks to the new ideas it brings. On the other hand, the daily wearing of the "Astral" bracelet in Labradorite offers a multitude of invaluable advantages such as the reduction of blood pressure and its ability to filter out isolated elements and unnecessary egregores which often cause an oppressive feeling and diminish the benefit. painful times. This marvelous jewel therefore offers through its transmutation of positive energies as well as its ability to absorb or even convert harmful vibrations without practicing any special ritual for this; which would be extremely useful when it comes to reducing muscle pain or even the complete resolution of respiratory conflicts without side effects or adverse effects as one might fear. Invest in the "Astral" bracelet in Labradorite and enjoy the countless benefits temporarily offered by this magnificent stone each day to increase your superseded vision through intimate positive reinforcement.

✹ ✔ LENGTH: 16 cm adjustable (Women's Size) / 18.5 cm adjustable (Men's Size) ✔ MATERIALS: Labradorite stone, zinc alloy, rope

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