Necklace "Arrow" in Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Arrow" in Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Arrow" in Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant

"Arrow" Amazonite Necklace

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Enhance your Look with this Amazonite Necklace, Adorned with an Arrow!

The "Arrow" Amazonite Necklace is a beautiful shimmering mineral piece crafted with plated metal. It measures 45 cm in length and 3mm in thickness. The spire is made of raw amazonite, a stone considered a gift from the depths of the seas. It has a multitude of remarkable effects on the BENEFITS OF AMAZONITE, general good health and the right balance. This Amazonite Stone has regenerative properties that can help dilute aggressive behaviors, negative emotions such as sadness or fear, and give you feelings of wholeness. This necklace also has spiritual importance intending to increase the heart chakra through the use of positive ENERGETIC which helps to stir up the reasons for your existence while boosting your self-esteem and seriousness through its ability to foster a sincere inner dialogue. In addition, it helps to recognize the SIZE OF THE NECKLACE and the world from the particular point of view they adopt to cultivate the users a deeper connection with their souls in order to bring the true light hidden within you. Finally, it correctly leads to the use of one's intuition and allows one to find a defensive feeling to face one's smallest pains without ever losing one's optimism in order to guide one's prosperity and success thanks to the right dosage of the positive energies it contains. Thus, this arrow-shaped necklace will not only modify your thermal CHARACTERISTICS but will thereby obtain a large part of the advantages mentioned thanks to the magnificent healing power offered by Amazonite without omitting the benefits that such an object provides genetically.


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