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Apatite earrings | ecomboutique116

Apatite earrings

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Apatite earrings to enhance your look!

Apatite Earrings combine unique style with exceptional benefits. Apatite is a magnificent stone with healing properties, fostering a source of growing creativity and intellect. Apatite crystals push you to realize your specific work; offering you the ability to step back and think objectively about any critical situation. With the help of our apatite earrings, we can tame those moments when we feel fragile or lacking in energy. Indeed, when we're going through a crisis, or when we need calm and patience, the Apatite stone is ideal. It can also be used for a little soul-searching, with spectacular results in terms of personal transformation. Every social gathering will be transformed by the grace and glamour of your Apatite earrings. They'll also be useful for balancing the Chakras: in particular the throat Chakra, which stimulates oral expression, helps you to free yourself verbally and intimately, enabling an osmosis between your originality, what makes you truly YOU; that unique moment in the world we call LIFE! In addition to the inner calm they provide, earrings will act against lack of appetite and offer serenity and wisdom so that your body naturally regains its functional harmony.


✹ ✔ SIZE: approx. 3.6 cm ✔ MATERIALS: apatite stone, copper

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