Amor pink Quartz necklace | ecomboutique116
Amor pink Quartz necklace | ecomboutique116
Amor pink Quartz necklace | ecomboutique116

"Amor" pink Quartz necklace

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The Amor Necklace: A Timeless Jewel in Rose Quartz to Enhance Your Outfit

Our "Amor" Rose Quartz Necklace is the best solution for personal development. The vibrational frequency of this gemstone offers a close connection to the benefits of rose quartz. This extremely powerful stone helps to repair cases of skin problems, heartache or any other emotional trauma by absorbing negative energies. This stone brings harmony and healing to the physical, mental and spiritual plane thanks to its vibrational frequency and its specific therapeutic powers on the heart and the spirit. Our necklace has a length of 45 cm (with 5 cm extension) to adapt perfectly to your neck and be worn every day in magical chic! Its vibration can free you from old emotional wounds, old negative emotions, bring you inner peace and inner strength as well as physical calming that optimizes the course of their menstrual cycle or for a long time if granted to its own subject. Rose quartz can share during inner dialogues the more subtle modality of gentle empathy and helps to regulate the adrenal glands, activate the cardiac system, temporarily relieve certain situations such as superficial burns to allow a more harmonious development of empathy since it it depends above all on a state of being quietly conscious.

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