Necklace in Amethyst / Rhodonite / Lapis-lazuli / Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant
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Necklace in Amethyst / Rhodonite / Lapis-lazuli / Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant

Amethyst / Rhodonite / Lapis-lazuli / Amazonite Necklace

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Enhance your Look with this Amethyst, Rhodonite, Lapis-Lazuli and Amazonite Necklace

The Amethyst, Rhodonite, Lapis Lazuli and Amazonite Necklace called "Stone of the Heart" adds to our style a touch of protection against past traumas and emotional wounds specific to each individual. It reminds us of our authentic nature while helping the wearer find new qualities of the heart. The beneficial properties of this necklace can be used whenever one feels stressed or needs to be relaxed. It is the right place to integrate the qualities of a protective stone such as Rhodonite which repairs and rebuilds feelings or resolve difficult situations caused by negative emotions such as anger and anxiety so that we can enjoy not the workplace, social relationships and other important moments. Friendship stones are also a good idea to get through this painful period; just like honoring the Amazon warriors, whose physical and psychological strength is able to overcome and take advantage of the physical failures linked to the heart chakra generating an intense feeling of loneliness. Lapis-Lazuli contains a powerful power capable not only of influencing our dreams but also of minimizing emotional losses, while the Amethyst priestess serves in magical practice as a protective talisman that can be used in difficult times to regain inner strength. And finally, Amazonite helps with its brilliant turquoise luster softens the signals of the tensions that often invade us caused by social conflicts by returning us to calm and encouraging a more positive and empathetic attitude.


✹ ✔ LENGTH: approximately 40 cm + 5 cm extension ✔ MATERIALS: Lapis-lazuli stone / Amazonite / Rhodonite / Amethyst

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