Amazonite earrings - Moonstone Pendant
Boucles d'oreilles en Amazonite

Amazonite earrings

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Achieve Cooling Radiance with Amazonite Earrings

Amazonite Earrings are timeless stones that represent the truth of the soul and facilitate harmonious coexistence with others. They help you regain control by enhancing your sense of wholeness and self-esteem, regenerating cells, protecting against anxiety-provoking feelings and negative emotions such as aggressive behavior, the use of intuition and self-destructive thoughts. By helping to develop a positive inner dialogue, this magical accessory has long been recognized for its benefits, enabling you to achieve the right balance between their many aspects and facilitating self-acceptance. Amazonite is associated with the heart chakra and works exclusively on general physical and energetic health to gently bring about mental calm. It helps guard against verbal aggression, provides protection against harmful influences and strengthens defensive abilities in the face of stress, anxiety or fear. This extraordinary stone brings positive vibrations that can change our world from a global point of view, while boosting our spiritual confidence. Your Amazonite earrings are a renewable source of unconditional love, fortifying your physical body and providing practical support for the reasons for your existence on this planet. They will enable you to enjoy a feeling of intense psychic well-being every day, thanks to healthy positive energy that offers excellent mental health linked to the overall proper functioning of the various vital organs essential to spiritual well-being, which quietly invites you to savor every moment intensely...


✹ ✔ SIZE: approx. 3.3 cm ✔ MATERIALS: amazonite stone, copper

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