Bracelet en Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet en Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant
Bracelet en Amazonite - Moonstone Pendant

Amazonite Bracelet

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Discover The Magic Amazonite Bracelet and Benefit from the Soothing Effects

Amazonite bracelets are stones that bring positive energy to the wearer and help them find the right balance between their purpose and their awareness of the outside world. They help to regenerate cells and treat aggressive behavior, in order to soothe negative emotions such as feelings of fullness and increased self-esteem. Amazonite Stone is a mineral whose color ranges from light green to blue-green, it responds to the vibrations of the heart chakra, bringing a defensive energy to facilitate a deeper inner dialogue. The distinctive features of our Amazonite bracelet offer a calming that will face your daily stresses and it will allow the easier use of your intuition, helping you to find the truth behind your soul. Good general physical health will come from the energetic benefits this stone can provide if used regularly. One of the main reasons why we love our Amazonite bracelets is for its power to calm any form of irritation or bad feeling when we feel oppressed by the external pressure that surrounds our existence. By wearing this amazonite bracelet not only will you receive practical help contained in its natural yet powerful beauty, but your physical well-being will also be enhanced through the energetic benefits this bracelet can provide.

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