Necklace "Acceptance" in Lapis-lazuli - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Acceptance" in Lapis-lazuli - Moonstone Pendant
Necklace "Acceptance" in Lapis-lazuli - Moonstone Pendant

"Acceptance" Lapis-lazuli Necklace

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Travel into the world of jewelry with the Lapis-lazuli Acceptance Necklace

The "Acceptance" Lapis Lazuli Necklace offers its wearers most of the benefits of Lapis Lazuli. By wearing this necklace you will feel a good thing and at the same time the necklace will help the endocrine glands to work properly. The majority of Lapis Lazuli colored stones offer a great benefit of maintaining balance by clearing away anxiety and depression in a bosom emotional state. The "Acceptance" Necklace will come up to a length of 38 cm with a diameter of the beads of 8 mm; Its clasp is simple to use, which provides more comfort and adjustability. The main characteristics of this "Acceptance" Necklace allow to immobilize all mental disorders such as Asperger's syndrome, attention disorders and autistic Asperger's syndrome with benefit for the treatment of sore throats, problematic skin cases and the proper functioning of the vocal cords in addition to the maintenance of peaceful sleep which we take great advantage of to no longer suffer during the day or at night. In addition, this lapis lazuli stone activates the 3rd eye Chakra which has a great relationship with the extrasensory abilities that are very estimably aroused by this stone in addition to the favorable case to fight against migraine pain and menstrual irregularities. Energetically The swarovski button will bring just like the Lapis-Lazuli stone a perfect association between masculine energy to retune the wearer with his inner power to the necklaces that will be traded on your nightstand when you sleep peacefully while keeping your hands tied towards this universe, feeling what is that of acceptance?

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