"Absorption" Necklace in Tiger's Eye and Onyx - Moonstone Pendant
Collier "Absorption" en il de tigre et Onyx
"Absorption" Necklace in Tiger's Eye and Onyx - Moonstone Pendant
"Absorption" Necklace in Tiger's Eye and Onyx - Moonstone Pendant

"Absorption" Tiger's Eye and Onyx Necklace

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The "Absorption" Necklace in Tiger's Eye and Onyx: Carry the Strength and Charm of the Animal Kingdom

The "Absorption" necklace in tiger eye and Onyx is a stone of protection offering many protective virtues. Negative energies or negative waves sent voluntarily are softened, preventing their undesirable effects from acting on you. The powerful connection of the necklace offers courage, support and confidence to face the difficult times in life and strengthen your resistance to oppression. The fickleness of external energies is controlled, as well as sensitivity to various malevolent or stressful sources so that you remain focused on the positive intention you wish to send to those around you. The black onyx complements the powerful support of the tiger eye to reinforce protection while the symbol of the receiving eyes signifies complete absorption of negative information spotted by the wearer. Wear this Onyx and Tiger's Eye necklace to protect your body and be constantly aware of the flow of outside influence, thus absolving any potential malevolent stress in your surroundings.


✹ ✔ LENGTH OF THE NECKLACE: 88 cm ✔ SIZE OF THE STONES: 8 mm ✔ MATERIALS: Tiger eye stone, onyx

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