Absorption Labradorite Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Absorption Labradorite Bracelet | ecomboutique116
Absorption Labradorite Bracelet | ecomboutique116

"Absorption" Labradorite Bracelet

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Magnificent Absorption Labradorite Bracelet to Energize and Rebalance your Body

The "Absorption" Bracelet in Labradorite was designed to support those going through a difficult time. Made from this precious stone, the bracelet combines the benefits of labradorite with a neat and durable braiding. This powerful stone offers many benefits to those who wear it, including deep inner stability and the ability to increase one's overall vision. Labradorite is known to calm emotional tensions related to abdominal cramps or premenstrual syndrome and to help the process of resilience by gently felt memories of the past. By helping to maintain an intact energy flow and by freeing the body from isolated elements and useless egregores, it allows the resolution of respiratory problems, the improvement of sight, a reduction in blood pressure, an elimination of the feeling of insecurity. as well as painful good times. Therefore, wearing the Labradorite "Absorption" Bracelet can increase our level of physical and mental efficiency, provide a non-dramatic posture in the face of stressful situations, and offer divine wisdom to apprehend new ideas so that we can draw take advantage of the worst times. Treat yourself to the "Absorption" braiding in Labradorite; it can be used by both men and women so that everyone increases their ability to quickly absorb harmful energies while drawing deep relief when necessary

✹ ✔ LENGTH: approx. 15 cm (adjustable) ✔ MATERIALS: Labradorite stone, cord

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