New trends 2023

Natural stone jewelry

Is becoming more and more popular, especially those made from precious or semi-precious stones such as amethyst, jasper or even rose quartz. Stones have been used for millennia in lithotherapy for their physical and emotional health benefits. Today the stones are used to create unique and beautiful jewelry that can be worn every day.

Tumbled stone bracelets are very popular, as well as round natural stone beads that can be worn alone or in combination with other jewelry. Quality natural stone jewelry can be found in online stores or specialist lithotherapy stores. These shops offer a wide selection of stones, crystals and minerals, all carefully selected for their quality and beauty. In addition to jewelry, many natural stone products can be found in these shops, such as incense and essential oils to help harmonize yin and yang and to promote relaxation and letting go. Popular stones include Amethyst, Landscape Jasper, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, and Tiger's Eye. These stones can be used to create bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants, all designed to help improve the life of their wearer. Gemstones like ruby, emerald, and sapphire are also popular, as well as semi-precious stones like carnelian, hematite, and topaz. Both cut stones and rough stones are used to make natural stone jewelry. Rough stones are used for tumbled stone bracelets and necklaces, while cut stones are used for rings and pendants. Whether you are looking for natural stone jewelry for beauty, lithotherapy or simply for pleasure, there are many choices available to suit all tastes and budgets. Explore online stores and lithotherapy stores to find the perfect natural stone jewelry for you. If you are looking for trendy jewelry, natural stones are a great option. These stones have gained popularity in recent years thanks to lithotherapy, a practice of using the energetic properties of stones to improve the quality of life. Natural stones are also known for their quality and beauty. They are extracted from the earth in the form of minerals, then cut and polished to be used in the creation of jewelry.

Natural stone bracelets, especially tumbled stone bracelets, are particularly popular. The most popular stones include amethyst, jasper, rose quartz, tiger's eye, rock crystal, and lapis lazuli. Round beads are often used to create these bracelets, which come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Online lithotherapy stores offer a wide range of natural stone products, including natural stone bracelets, tumbled stones, incense and crystals. Natural stone jewelry is also very popular, with gemstones such as agate, garnet, tourmaline, citrine, moonstone, topaz, labradorite, aquamarine, onyx, carnelian, turquoise, ruby, emerald and hematite. The online lithotherapy store also offers natural stone bracelets such as the tiger eye bracelet, the amethyst bracelet, the rose quartz bracelet, the landscape jasper bracelet and the lapis lazuli bracelet. Natural mineral stones such as celestial eye obsidian, spinel semi-precious stone and pointed rock crystal are also very popular. Natural stones are known for their energetic properties which help to harmonize yin and yang, to promote serenity, intuition, vitality, appeasement, tenderness and to help to let go. Natural stones are also used to purify negative energies, to stimulate creativity and to aid in meditation. In summary, natural stone jewelry is trendy and brings a touch of nature to your clothing style while offering you energetic and spiritual benefits.


If you are looking for quality natural stone jewelry, do not hesitate to explore online stores specializing in lithotherapy and discover the wonders of precious and semi-precious stones and minerals.